July 15, 2009

Lobster Rolls Weekend (ロブスターロールの週末)

{Long Branch, NJ}

{Long Branch, NJ}

We spent 2 weekends in a row on the Jersey Shore, from Long Branch and Belmar to Point Pleasant Beach. The Pier Village in Long Branch was pretty nice, we were pleasantly surprised by the great restaurants and shops.

Avon-By-The-Sea near Belmar doesn't have as many fancy restaurants and shops as Long Branch, but the boardwalk wasn't crowded. It's one of New Jersey's relaxing respites.

{Interesting Sign in Point Pleasant Beach}

On the other hand, Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk was totally packed. We couldn't even get through the crowd, it's not the place for us. I think Manhattan on the weekends probably has less people.

But we did find good restaurants in Point Pleasant Beach---not on the boardwalk, just a little bit off, near the inlet. The one we tried 2 weeks ago was Spike's Fish Market & Restaurant. The food was really tasty and fresh!

{Lobster Roll from Red's Restaurant}

We also had lobster rolls both days this weekend. One was from Red's Lobster Pot, it's also in Point Pleasant Beach. Both the lobster roll and the shrimp burrito were delicious!

On Sunday we had a second one from Red Hook Lobster Pound at the Brooklyn Flea Market. We saw a long line waiting for this lobster roll a couple of weeks ago, the line was so long that we didn't want to wait. This Sunday, we got up early and went to Dumbo to enjoy a quiet, sunny morning. Around 12pm, we went for this lobster roll. There was no line at all!

Between the 2 Lobster Rolls, I like the latter one more. It was loaded with big chunks of lobster mixed in with a little mayonnaise and topped with chopped green onions. The bread was lightly buttered and toasted on the grill (J said it's like the Boston Style Hot Dog Buns). It's very simple and absolutely delicious! Green Onion + Mayo + Lobster = Perfect Combination! I personally would like them to put more mayo though....

I also like Red Hook Lobster Pound's Logo. It's simple and bold.

Dumbo park on Sunday morning was really nice and quiet, only of few people. We like our neighborhood more and more.

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