July 16, 2009

Sara Midda (サラ・ミッダ)

I purchased these books about 15 years ago. I found them in a bookstore and fell in love with Sara Midda's beautiful watercolor and calligraphy right away. These are lovely and inspiring books, full of evocative and quirky watercolor sketches. I especially enjoyed the pages that visually display information in intriguing ways - color schemes for each month, dozens of styles of house numbers, whimsical little garden people, harmonized beautiful calligraphy, and the collection of sugar papers. These are the books I run to on the weekends, or when I need something to refresh my mind. It is a lush, beautiful escape from hectic urban life. These are the books to read on a sunny summer afternoon with ice tea and homemade cookies; or, curl up with a blanket, have a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy these beautiful books in a cozy winter night.

If you want to make a delightful dream of dry air and warm sunshine. Try these. Really, these books cheer me up and make me happy.

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