April 20, 2010


{image via Fosten Greetings}

As many of you already know, the Japanese masking tape company MT has a new exclusive distributor in US now, which means I won't be able to sale the tapes I brought back from Japan on Etsy once my current inventory is gone. The new overseas version of the tape is 10m long while the Japanese version is 15m. I also won't be able to sale the new designs since it's not open to the overseas market yet. If you want these tapes, act now while they are still available!

April 7, 2010

Letterpress Dice Prints (サイコロポスター)

{images via Stukenborg}

These letterpress dice prints by Stukenborg are stunning! These are printed by hand in his studio. The compositions were built by arranging 720 dice on the bed of the press, and ink was rolled directly onto the face of the die for each impression. It is printed on a very light green Japanese handmade paper called Kitakata (喜多方紙), which has a deckle on all four edges.

This is absolutely lovely, such a simple idea with a beautiful outcome. I would like to have one in my living room! Isn’t letterpress great?