June 30, 2009


The first time I heard about "Francfranc" was 5 years ago when I worked at Art Directors Club as an intern/translator for the 83rd Art Directors Club Annual Awards. I saw this video by Nagi Noda(野田凪) along with her other videos, I really liked them and decided I would visit this store when I had a chance.

Once I visited "Francfranc", I felt in love with it. It's a fabulous store, a lot of fun and unique stuff. The concept of "Francfranc" is "Casual Stylish". "Francfranc" proposes furniture and sundries that accentuate spaces through coordinating various items. One can easily lose track of time and find it difficult to hold the purse strings while in the store.

"Francfranc" now has stores in major cities all over Japan, as well as Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and UK.

Among all the stuff we got from "Francfranc", I like these cushions the best. They are sitting quietly in our living room and reminding me to go visit "Francfranc" again soon.

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