July 27, 2010

Please do it at home! (家でやろう!)

I’m not a conservative person (at least, I don’t think I am) but some of the things I see people doing lead me to think that either people’s values are changing for the worse, or that I’m getting old and conservative. What prompts me to write such things? Well, my daily subway train journey has prompted me to write this: loud music from headphones, sitting improperly (taking up too much space), applying make-up, eating and drinking, throw garbage on the platforms, talking loudly, and putting their belongings on the seats next to them..., didn't we ALL learn these things when we were in kindergarten and elementary school? Where are peoples' Manners? Public Decency? and Respect for Those Around You???

Japanese are famous for their manners (マナー). Even big cities in Japan like Tokyo and Osaka have less crime and more general politeness than other large metropolises in the world. There is crime and there are rude people in Japan…but considerably less than in cities overseas.

The high level of politeness in Japan means that the bad manners that one most commonly encounters are things like smoking or eating while walking, putting make-up on while riding the train, music turned up too loud on headphones, not giving up a seat on a train or a bus to the elderly, and using cell-phones near the silver seats (seats for pregnant women, elderly and the disabled) on the train where they’re supposed to be turned off. So, from 2008, Tokyo Metro Subway company started a series of good manners posters shown above.

I don't know if posting posters alone will help (probably not), but I do wish New York City MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) will do something, or at least have some posters like these to remind people to improve their basic manners. I even think the MTA should hire people monitoring our behavior, and by doing so, we can keep the trains, platforms and train stations nice and clean. They do so in Taiwan, they don't even let you chew gum in the stations, and you can see their trains and stations are still very nice and clean after so many years of service.

July 22, 2010

Wall (壁)

{image via Unstitched}

I wish I could have a wall like this for our coming baby boy, so he can draw freely...but I think it's difficult to do so in our tiny NY apartment...

July 21, 2010

Suitcase Stickers (スーツケースステッカー)

{images via thecheeky.com}

I don't think it's a good idea to use these stickers on your luggages if you are traveling by air, but I do appreciate the creativity! These cheeky stickers are designed to stick to anything, they will draw attention to your bag, making it easily identifiable and sure to make you some new friends. Just be ready for the full body-cavity search if you bring these to the airport!

July 16, 2010

Happy Friday!

Yesterday I finished folding 50 of the Origami Boxes and hand cutting 750 pieces of the heart shape Chiyogami Stickers for a custom order. I am very happy to know that people want to use my origami boxes as party favors!

The other happy news is that my Cute Japanese House Wooden Rubber Stamp is featured in Etsy's treasury page! This is the first time my goods get featured, I feel very good about it.

Have a happy Friday and happy weekend everyone!

July 13, 2010

Bookshelf Porn...

Wow, can't believe there is a site entirely dedicated to bookshelves! It's amazing! This is really a pron site for someone like me who has a thing for books and bookshelves! I always like to see bookshelves in other people's houses, it's so fun. From this site, you can see all kinds of bookshelves, it's also a good place to get ideas when you need to decorate your home too!

July 12, 2010

5 Winners!

Sorry for the delay. Finally I made all the draws (whew... took a while to write down 90+ entries...), put them in a big bow and drew my 5 lucky winners!

So here are the 5 lucky winners:

1. Lizzie--- Collage/30mm
2. Sarah Hunt---Dark Polka Dots/15mm
3. PaperPumpkin---Thick Grid/15mm
4. Gina Kim---Dots/13mm
5. Liv-id---Stripes/13mm

Please send me your mailing address, if I don't hear from you for 2 weeks, I will randomly choose another winner.

Thank You all so very much for reading and entering. I wish I had lots of money for postage so I could send you each a little gift... hmmmm. sigh. For those who didn't win this time, please keep reading and checking my store, I will have more giveaway coming!

July 6, 2010

My First Giveaway!--5 Sets of Masking Tapes

I realized, before we left for the July 4th weekend, that I hit my goal to have 100 followers! As promised, I present my first giveaway! I have 5 sets of masking tapes for 5 winners. Here's how to win:

1. Leave a comment telling me which set you want.

2. If you're a follower, you get an additional entry. Just make sure to leave a separate comment saying that you're a follower. That means my followers get 2 entries!

3. If you "like" {little.happy. things}'s facebook page, you get another additional entry. Also make sure to leave a separate comment so I can put one more in the drawing for you. Followers and fans of my facebook page get 3 entries!!

4. Spread the word: tweet, blog, or mention the giveaway on facebook for another chance to win. Please make sure to leave the link to your post too so I know! And you will get 4 entries!!!

I'll close comments on Sunday at 11 pm (Eastern Time); and the winner will be announced on Monday! Good luck to everyone!!!!!