July 28, 2009

Olle Eksell (オーレ・エクセル)

I bought this book at Kinokuniya (紀伊国屋書店) in Tokyo a couple years ago. This beautiful book documents a life's work of Olle Eksell's lovely graphic design works. The works found inside are expressive, playful, at times satirical, and packed full of incredible colors. There’s beautiful designs for book jackets, posters, packaging, textiles and more. Olle Eksell (オーレ・エクセル) was one of the most respected, inspiring and distinguished Swedish graphic designers, and author of countless articles and books on the relationship between corporate economics and design. One of his popular books, Design= Ekonomi, is widely used as a textbook in many art and design classes. But it's his whimsical, gorgeous graphic design that is, for me, a collection well worth having. His drawings and forms are so happy, always modern and peculiar....this book is a true fest for the eyes, and is another one of my favorite getaway books.

Sadly, Olle Eksell passed away April, 2007, but what a legacy he left behind.

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