July 21, 2009

Creative Suite Pillows(デザイナーにピッタリなプレゼントCreative Suite クッション)

{image from My Suite Stuff}

If you don't use computers often, or if you are not in the creative field, you probably don't know how to appreciate these pillows. But for those in the creative space, these pillows will make one smile. These are the application icons people in the creative field can't live without--- Adobe Creative Suite. The price is $15 a pop and there are 6 designs in total. If you purchase the whole collection, it's $80, that's a suite deal!

Due to an extremely high number of orders and the fact that these pillows are 100% hand-made, it takes 7-9 weeks to ship. It was 2-5 weeks two months ago when I first heard about them, it seems they are getting popular .

Some people might say since they have been dealing with Creative Suite long enough everyday at work, they don't want to see it anymore while they are relaxing or sleeping. Well, I understand that, but I still think these are very unique and interesting design.

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