June 11, 2009

Brooklyn Flea Market-Fort Green(ブルックリンフリアマーケット, フォートグリン編)

I've been checking this Brooklyn poster designed by Jim Datz online for a while. Then I read from "Three Potato Four"'s Blog that they were going to be at Brooklyn Flea Market, I decided to go find them there, to see and to touch (I like to touch paper goods...don't know why, just like the feeling on my fingertips and can't help it) the poster myself. I did found them, saw and touched both Manhattan and Brooklyn Posters. I love them both!

Also found this interesting stuff, wanted to bring them all home, but knew better that I shouldn't.

The other thing we liked in the market is this" Art on Post-It". Very Neat!

Huge Abacus!

Old books are always so attractive.

We are going to check out the new Brooklyn Flea Market under Brooklyn Bridge next Sunday!

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