June 19, 2009

Love Chocolate! チョコレート大好き!

I love chocolate! I pretty much eat chocolate everyday, more or less. My husband said I am a "Chocoholic". Japan's big chocolate maker Meiji Group has a new phrase:"元気の一粒,チョコ習慣". I don't know how to translate it properly; basically it means "Make it a habit to eat a piece of chocolate a day to refresh your brain and make you energized". I eat "at least" a piece a day and sometimes I can finish the whole box a day...

These are my favorite ones: Little Bamboo shoots and Mushrooms.
Chocolate + Cookie = The Best Combination!

This is the chocolate I gave my husband on Valentine's Day. There were so pretty that we felt bad to eat them. We kept them in the fridge for a month. Then one day, I ran out of my chocolate stock and I wanted one badly. Although I felt bad, but after 10 minutes of struggling, I ate one. Well, this one, I can tell you that they looked better than they tasted.

Now we only have this box left.

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