June 23, 2009

Weekend in Paris. (パリでの週末)

J's birthday, our Anniversary, my birthday all happen within a week; 2 days after J's birthday is our anniversary and 5 days later is my birthday. So we usually try to plan a trip to celebrate all of them together. In the past 2 years we went to Miami. We loved it and were thinking about doing the same this year. But in February, we started IVF and I needed to go to the hospital at least twice a week, which usually were Tuesdays and Saturdays. This meant we couldn't really plan anything ahead nor go anywhere for the weekend. Since we really want to have a baby, we decided to stay home this year.

Fortunately or unfortunately, it depends on how you see it, anyway, the Doctor said that the IVF wasn't going to happen this cycle. Suddenly, we had time to go somewhere! We found out it's not much more to go to Paris than Miami. And, of course, we picked Paris.

We arrived on Friday morning and left on Monday morning, so we had three full days and only three days. For sure 72 hours were not enough, but it's better than nothing! Especially to someone like me who'd never been to Paris before. Of course I wish we had more time so we could take our leisure and soak things in. But the truth is that if you plan well, in 72 hours one can see a lot! Since it was my first time to Paris, we couldn't help but hit the most popular spots. We walked everywhere! We literally walked from morning to midnight until we couldn't move our legs anymore (we only took train to Versailles). So we did get a chance to see this romantic city, enjoy its famous cafes and the most popular activity - people watching!

Now I just can't stop thinking, "when can we go back to Paris again?"

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