June 20, 2009

"Rompibollo" (カロリーで区分けされたチョコレート「Rompibollo」)

{image from AD&F}

Good news for people who love chocolate but worry about gaining weight! This chocolate bar "Rimpibollo" is a food design project from AD&F Agenzia per il Disegno e la Funzione. The bar is characterized by several perforations, each piece has it's calories shown, so you can easily calculate and control how many calories you want.

{image from AD&F}

Some might say that if you are so worried about gaining weight, why don't you just stop eating chocolate? Chocolate lovers know it's not that easy! With the amount of calories on each piece of chocolate right in your face, it might be easier to make you exercise self-control. If it works, we should apply this idea to all kinds of high calorie food, such as pizza, hamburger, ice cream, cookies...you name it!

The only problem I have with this chocolate is that from these pictures, it doesn't look very inviting, not because of the numbers but the chocolate itself. I probably won't eat it until I run out of my chocolate stock again.

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