November 30, 2009

Herve Morvan(ヘルベ・モルバン)

Finally I decided which calendar to get for 2010! The one featurimg Herve Morvan's posters!

Herve Morvan (1917-1980) was a French poster designer active from the 1950s to the 1970s. Artist of more than 150 posters, Herve Morvan is best known for his stylized versions of the head of the posters for Banania in the 50s. He also designed posters for wine Gévéor, Gitanes cigarettes, watches Kelton, etc...

Herve Morvan's posters always remind me of Raymond Savignac. The fact is both of them were active during the same period. Compared to Savignac, Herve Morvan's working period was much shorter so he is not as famous as Savignac and there isn't many of his works around the world. Their styles are very similar. I think Herve Morvan gave his characters rounder and cuter eyes, it gives his work a softer impression.

A book called Herve Morvan Affichiste is a collection of his works. Unfortunately it's out of print so I haven't had the chance to see this book. I have been using the calenders featuring his works 3 years in a row (I had Savignac's calendars for 2 years previous...). It's my kind of collection.

Herve Morvan(ヘルベ・モルバン)は、1950〜70年代に活躍したフランスのポスター作家。同時代には同じくポスター作家として著名なSavignac(サヴィニャック)がいます。絵のスタイルは似ていますが、モルバンの方が目がかわいく、全体としてやわらかい印象を受けます。


「Herve Morvan Affichiste」という作品集があります。絶版でなかなか見ることはできません。


  1. I would love one of these! Do you know how I could get one? I suddenly feel like eating a banana....

  2. Hi Jenis,

    I always ask my family or friends to get these things for me in Japan and send them to me or bring them to me when any one comes to visit...Japanese internet companies don't like to accept overseas credit cards, so a lot of them don't even ship overseas...
    You may try, some of them are willing to ship overseas.
    Good luck and have some bananas...^-^

  3. Thank you because you have been willing to share information with us. All that is written here, because you care about us.

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