November 2, 2009

It's Already November? (もう11月?)

Can't believe it's already November! Where did my October go? Um, my parents were here for 2 weeks; we went to Philadelphia (and had the most delicious corned beef I have ever had in the Market downtown); Baltimore, Maryland (the Inner Harbor), and walked every corner of Washington D.C.. We went to the Hamptons to have clam chowder, lobster rolls and tasted wine at Palmer Vineyards. We also saw Aida at Metropolitan Opera, set at the 5th row, amazing seats! We had a wonderful time!

So the first 2 days after my parents left, I was a little bit down, I felt lonely while J was at work, I was the only one home and I didn't feel like to do anything. J knows I love Halloween, so he made me an "Orange Jack" to cheer me up! Yep, a drawn orange instead of a carved pumpkin! Cause our apartment doesn't really have space to put a big pumpkin and none of us are good at carving pumpkins. I love it! It makes me smile!


  1. Mmmm - I love corned beef! Lucky u :-)
    I can't believe October is finished too!
    Well, happy November!!!!
    Cheers, Karen

  2. Dear sis: for me, away from home for 20 years, still, it doesn't make any easier saying " good bye " to my parents evey time....

    Taking good care of yourself that's the best thing u can do for your parents..... Cheer up and get busy for coming holiday !