November 3, 2009

Handmade Kinoko no yama-chocolate (手作りきのこの山)

When my parents came to visit, they brought me a lot of treasure: Print Gocco supplies, Japanese masking tape, books, foods..., and they brought me this---Handmade Kinoko no yama set (手作りきのこの山)! I mentioned this Meiji Kinoko no yama(きのこの山) a couple months ago, it's one of my favorite snacks (おやつ). I am familiar with it from childhood and I still go to buy it every week from the Japanese supermarkets in Manhattan. However this is the first one for DIY!

Instructions on the back of the box.

In the box, there are milk and white chocolate pens, chocolate mold, and stem crackers. All you have to do is to melt the chocolate ( I put the pens in warm water), put some of the chocolate into the mold, stick a cracker in and wait for half hour, then voila!! You got your own original Kinoko no yama!

They even provide you the original package so you can design your own box too!

I know it's childish, but it's a fun thing to do. I am sure it will be more fun when we have kids and do it together.

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  1. This is one of the many reasons of love Japan and all things Japanese! I lived in Tokyo for a few months, years ago. I adored the bakeries, food, and little kits like this chocolate set. Ooh, I'd love one.