December 10, 2009

My First Orders! (初めてのオーダ)

One day after my Etsy Shop opened, I had my first orders! I was so excited and also a little bit panicked! Cause I just realized that I had so many different ideas about my packaging but I hadn't decided what to do yet! Finally, I told myself to calm down and decided to make up some shipping labels quick, and finalizing on my packaging. Here are the results! (Sorry the pictures are not good...). I am looking forward to sending out lots and lots of packages addressed with them all!

I want to say thank you to my first clients Kristina and JoAnne! Especially to Kristina, she just came back again today! You really made my day!

By the way, just found out that Kristina is a wonderful artist, you should check out her works here. I really like them!


  1. Hi Erika, you're so lovely. Your photos are great, and seriously, it was wonderful getting your package. I love how much your enjoying this! And yeaaah - you have a blog! Now I can add your blog to my blog reading list. xo Have a great day, and thank you for the lovely words too. :) Kristina.

  2. Wow - congratulations! Great news :-)

  3. Bonjour and congratulations on your boutique opening and your first orders - here's to many more!
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. I hope your little shop accepts money orders, because I am about to frequent!



  5. Congrats on your first orders! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderous New Year!

  6. Can't wait to go see your ETSY shop...everything you do is adorable.....LOVE the packaging....

    Thanks for stopping by to visit..

    I'll be back to visit very soon....

    Wishing you Merry Christmas and all best wishes for a Happy New Year....


  7. Congratulations! How fun to send off the first of many orders!