December 23, 2009

Marry Christmas! (メリークリスマス!)

{Fuji TV Station}


{Tokyo Midtown}

Christmas is celebrated in Japan, but not to the extent that it is in western countries. In Japan, New Year (お正月) is the biggest holiday. Actually, Christmas isn’t even a legal holiday in Japan…I mean, it’s a work day, unless it falls on the weekend.

Christmas (クリスマス) in Japan is mainly for couples and families with children. Couples often go on a date, have a romantic dinner, and to look at Xmas illumination (クリスマス・イルミネーション). Actually, Japanese celebrate Christmas because it's a cute and romantic holiday. No religious meaning attached.

Also, most homes in Japan aren’t decorated for Christmas, especially uncommon are Christmas trees. Stores and shopping malls, on the other hand, are very decorated for Christmas from November until Christmas day. After that, the decorations quickly change to the more important New Year's decorations.

Santa Clause will leave presents near the pillows of young children on Christmas Eve. On average, Japanese children receive fewer Christmas presents than children in western countries.

On Christmas Day, it’s popular for families to have a Christmas dinner. But it’s different from Christmas dinners in other countries. When Japanese think of Christmas dinner, most think of Kentucky Fried Chicken and a strawberry shortcake that is called Christmas cake (クリスマス・ケーキ). I love Christmas cake. To me, it's not just for Christmas but my all year round cake!

Wish you all a marry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season!

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  1. That's a wonderful post Erika! And all those lights look so beautiful. I love how it's mostly white light, and not so overly cluttered with colours. I had no idea about christmas and Japan, and how important the New Year is - thank you for sharing this. Well I hope you had some strawberry shortcake (Christmas Cake!) and that you're having a lovely time! Merry Christmas. :) Kristina