August 2, 2010

Creative Photos of a Sleeping Baby.

{Space Odyssey}

{Surfer Girl}

{Super Baby}


{Elephant Rider}

Wonderful photo series by Adele Enersen, a copywriter on a maternity leave, features pictures of her sleeping baby girl dressed up in cute outfits. These are so cute make me want to take some of my own when my baby is born. But I am not so sure whether I will have the energy, cause it's definitely some excellent pre-planning there.

To see more, visit her blog.


  1. lol these are fantastic!! did you see the photographs by Danish photographer Nina Maria Kleivan? She dressed her baby up as famous dictators... made me laugh!

  2. Jeez, thats' creative and cute! I couldn't even quite pick which is my favorite!

  3. These are great! I love the elephant!!!

  4. These are wonderful! lovely blog.

  5. These images have made my Friday! Absolutely fabulous. Thanks for sharing them.
    have a great weekend.