August 20, 2010

Amazing Mail!

Couple weeks ago, I won a giveaway from **EYE-SNACKS** , and when I received her package this week, I was so touched! She sent me not only the cute prize I won, but also a handmade textiles/fabrics embroidered, stitched greeting card specially made for me and my baby!!! How nice is it! Since I haven't have my baby shower yet, this is the first baby gift I have received!

Thank you so much Ingrid! You are a total sweetie with a very generous soul! I can't wait to repay such kindness!


  1. How absolutely sweet and adorable!

  2. this is gorgeous!! What a great prize!

  3. Such a great treasure to find in the mail!

  4. Oh Erika,I'm a bit blushing about all those lovely words you write!I feel very honoured that you made a blog post about my give-awaypackage and happy because this is your first baby-gift!!
    Thank you very much for your lovely write and you know I forgot something so I will send it when your little one is born !
    Have a nice week-end! Take care Ingrid xxx

  5. How lovely! So much fun to open such a surprise. xm

  6. And how wonderful to share this with all of us . We all love such surprises !
    Enjoy your weekend