June 10, 2010

Well Used Space~

Here is an impressive 505 SF loft apartment right here in my neighborhood Brooklyn. This is a junior 1 bedroom + sleeping loft designed by PorterFanna Architecture.

This high ceiling, multi-level apartment has been fully designed by the owners/architects to emphasize light and maximize the use of space. Hidden computer desk, built-ins that also serve as staircase to the loft bed, hidden toy storage, crib in a walk-in closet... etc. They definitely thought of everything to make this small space work.

Crib? Yes, they have a little kid in the apartment.


  1. So much inspiration, love it!
    Have a happy happy day. xx

  2. Indeed a well used space!! One word: Storage!!
    And on top of it all, it's just a beautiful home!! :)

  3. so much to drool over!
    love the tv cabinet green tv sketch to the side & love the ironing board cover & love all the storage & love the open space & intentional blots of color &&&&&!!!

  4. I have seen those bookshelf stairs before and thought of them recently but couldn't think of where I saw it. so glad you posted these photos. this is one of my favorite interiors ever because living in NY, space is such a precious thing. :)

  5. That's really clever! your blog is lovely by the way. K x