June 18, 2010

Alice in the wonderland

How amazing are these? Letter pressed and die-cut Ornaments/Tags inspired by Alice in the wonderland. Ready to hang on a tree or use as gift tags, as well as bookmarks. Printed on super thick coaster stock. These are designed by katazome artist (型染め作家) Mihoko Seki (関美穂子).

Katazome (型染め) is a Japanese method of dyeing fabrics using a resist paste applied through a stencil. With this kind of resist dyeing, a rice flour mixture is applied using a brush or a palette knife. Pigment is added by hand-painting, immersion or both. Where the paste mixture covers and permeates the cloth, dye applied later will not penetrate. As with many everyday crafts of Japan it developed into a respected art form of its own. Nowadays the stencils are sometimes sold as artworks, attached to hand fans, or used to decorate screens and doors in Japanese rooms.

If you like Japanese Masking Tapes, the chance is that you probably already familiar with her works.

{ Masking Tapes Designed by Mihoko Seki}

{ Stickers Designed by Mihoko Seki}

If you are interested, please click links above.


  1. Are any of these things available in your shop? I'm in love!


  2. Just wondered onto your blog and I must say I'm absolutely in love with everything here. The Alice tags? To die for!

  3. omg, those are cute <3 i like the way they made the illustration! i always want to try letter press.

  4. these tapes & tags
    are precious!

  5. The little alice tags are so cute!