August 31, 2009

Favorite Blogs (お気に入りのブローグズ)

Everyday I take a moment to have a nice cup of coffee and visit my favorite blogs, it's one of my happy moments. I love seeing crafty, hand made, and aesthetically pleasing things. These blogs have it all and then some.

{image from Lovely Package}

The first one is Lovely Package. Everyday they have some beautiful, special, or well designed packages from all over the world. Today they have a minimalist coffee packaging from Japan; the simplistic nature is a far cry from most coffee packaging in the West. I already smell the coffee!

{image from 暮らしのかたち}

Another cute blog is 暮らしのかたち(Ku-la-shi-no-ka-ta-chi), translated directly---the form of life. Toshi, the blogger, likes to go find and try different Zakka stores and cafes all over Japan; taking pictures along the way. This blog makes me homesick. The blog is in Japanese, if you don't read Japanese, you probably won't be able to get the info to go visit the places. But he does have good pictures, so even just looking through the pictures is worth it. You can see many unique cafes and stores in Japan.

Finally, my all-time favorite is lovelydesign. I always find that Sharilyn not only shares her design ventures, but she also shares the design transformations of her own home. It's such a pleasure to be invited into someone's world like that. I really treasure her site!

The best thing about these blogs is that they're a great place to discover independent sellers and exceptional crafts. I've done some of my Christmas shopping from different stores found on each of these blogs. This year, there will be some unique gifts under the tree!

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