January 18, 2010

Japanese Masking Tapes (マスキングテープ)

I'd been lazy and didn't want to do anyting since the New Year. After 20 days of resting, it's time to come back to reality!

Recently I am very happy to see that everywhere I look I'm seeing Japanese masking tape and more creative uses for it. I know many people had blogged about it but I think it's worth a revisit. Especially now, since it's so easy to find and buy online. Below you'll find a few projects to make with the tape.

{Washi Tape Pendants by craftapalooza}

{Image via MT}

{Image via coco stitch}

{Image via MT}

{Image via MT}

{Image via MT}

{Image via MT}

{Image via MT}

{Masking Tape Christmas Tree by MT}

I myself also have a thing for the beautiful Japanese washi masking tape and won't skip any chance to use it. It's all over Etsy. I also have some available at very reasonable prices. Actually mine is probably the BEST PRICE on Etsy so far. If you are interested, or you know your friends are looking for some, please let them know. You can click here, or just click on my Etsy Store on this blog on your right hand side. Just in case, here it is:
If you want to pay by checks or money orders, you can email me, I will let you know what to do. If you don't see what you are looking for, you can also email me or come back to check again, I will have more available around the middle of February. Let's all have fun with these beautiful Japanese washi masking tapes!


  1. These are cute!! I'll let my friends know :-)
    Glad you are back to business after 20 days off - lucky you.
    I've just put a pic on my blog of a very origami tea bag - not sure if you've seen it before, but I'm sure you'll like it.
    Have a nice day :-)

  2. I have missed your posts and was so excited to see a new one. I too love the masking tape. Have been looking at ticket prices to Japan today. Looks like it will happen and I am super excited to take my children there!

  3. Wow, great tapes!! Lovely photos too.

    Have a happy monday,


  4. Hi!

    I recently posted an entry on my blog with a li nk to this article.

    I'd appreciate your letting me know if that's OK.


    Nancy Ward

  5. I love all of these, especially the covered tin! Oh, I wish I had some japanese masking tape! I think I am the only person in the crafting world who still doesn't have any....