October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Patch (パンプキンパッチ)

{This scarecrow looks SCARY!}

{We found this in the corner of a stone wall...spooky.}

I love the fall in NY, it's my favorite season. I love the summer too, but usually it's too hot, so I prefer autumn. The temperature is cooling down, the weather is sunny and nice, the leaves are turning colors... On top of it all, there is Halloween! I love Halloween, not for the candies, but for the happy spirits wandering the streets, and the decorations, that are supposed to be spooky scary but are actually stinking cute! I especially love the pumpkins! Their colors look so warm and happy!

Since I've never seen a pumpkin field, J took me to Connecticut to see a pumpkin patch! This is my first time to see so many pumpkins all at once, all kind of sizes and colors, I think I was the most excited one there, happier than any of the little kids there!

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