September 3, 2009

Kate's Paperie

{Gift Box from Kate's Paperie}

I don't know why I missed this before.

I like Kate's Paperie, it's an incredible resource for all your paper needs. This is not new, paper lovers all know kate's. They are the reason people still use quaintly elegant stationery to write letters and notes, a lovely tradition which is becoming almost obsolete in our internet- based world. I go into Kate's everytime I see one. Whenever I go, I get inspired. But I didn't notice this box until I found it online recently.

Anyway, I am glad I have it now. I also like the name: You mean the world! A lovely gift box about 2.25″ × 3.25″ × 1.25″ deep, features a world map and a circular gift tag that reads, “you mean the world to me.” Don't know what to put inside yet. I just like boxes. Maybe I can put some chocolates, cookies, a love note, a dinner invitation, or some Japanese Washi Stickers I made and voila it's a perfect gift!


  1. how fun would that be to receive as a gift!

  2. pretty- your blog is great